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Two girls stretching in the park

A no-sweat guide to the most popular workouts

Rate this article and enter to winThe benefits of exercise are boundless, even if your capacity to actually fit a workout into your schedule has limits. But carving out a balance between the gym...
Woman stretching

How to stretch your way to better sleep

Rate this article and enter to winJust as you crawl into bed, you remember that you forgot to finish your seminar reading (now you’ll need to wake up early to do it). Then you...
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Yoga on blocks

%CODE1%If you are looking for a new activity and want to give yoga a try, it can feel quite intimidating to take a class for the first time. However, because yoga has become more...
Sun salutationsico-video-large

Sun salutations

%CODE1%Step 1 – Mountain Pose Stand facing forward with your arms at your sides. Maintain a narrow stance with feet parallel. Actively reach towards the ground with your fingertips as you begin...
From frustrated to freshico-video-large

From frustrated to fresh

%CODE1%Child’s Pose: Start by coming down to all fours, with your hands shoulder width a part, your knees hip width a part, and your toes relaxed on the ground. Sit back into your hips...