Anywhere, anytime jump rope

Anywhere, anytime jump rope

Warm up:

Jump Rope Figure 8: 30 seconds

Jog in place but this time hold jump rope in hands and bring your hands side by side and swing the jump rope from right to left making an infinity sign as you jog

Upper and lower body mobility stretch with the jump rope

  • Jump Rope “Pass Throughs”: 8x front to back Hold jump rope out in front of you, grip the jump rope wider than shoulder width apart and bring the jump rope down to touch your thighs and then raise it over your head and behind you, opening up your chest as your arms move backwards behind your body. Go as far back as possible. If your range of motion is limited grip wider on the jump rope. The rope should have no slack at anytime during the pass through.
  • Hamstring Leg Raises: 8 raises per legLying on your back, place the middle of the jump rope around the arch of your right leg. Hold the jump rope ends in each hand and make sure there is no slack in the rope. Pull your leg towards your chest and then lower to the floor. Repeat this motion without any pausing. Keep tension on the rope so that your leg is feeling some resistance throughout the motion. Repeat this 8 times and then move to the left leg.

Workout circuit:

Jump Rope: Side to side jumping:

As you jump rope, your feet will jump laterally from right to left.

  • Perform 30 seconds for beginner 1 minute for advanced

Front to Back Step Overs:

Lay the jump rope out so that it is in a straight line. Stand on the right side of the rope. With the left foot, step across the rope, then bring your right foot to follow and meet your left. Then proceed by bringing your right foot over the rope and left to follow. Continue this pattern down the length of the rope. Turn around when you get to the end and go back down the rope.

  • Perform 30 seconds for beginner and 1 minute for advanced

Jump Rope Shoulder Plank Hand Taps:

Keep the jump rope as is from the iky shuffle and stand at one of the edges of the rope. Assume a plank position with your right hand on one side of the rope and your left on the other side of the rope. To maintain a strong plank position pull your belly into your spine, keeping your back flat, your wrists, elbows and shoulders are in line and legs are together squeezing your glutes. Lift your right hand off the floor and tap the top of your left hand, then bring your left hand off the floor and tap the top of your right hand.

  • Perform 20 seconds for beginner and 40 seconds for advanced
  • exhale as you roll back up.
  • Perform 8-10 for beginner and 15 for advanced.

Moving Forward and Backward Jump Rope Runs:

If you know how to jump rope, this is another way to challenge yourself. If you’re still learning how to jump rope, stay stationary. Start at one end of the room and start jumping rope by skipping, so one leg jumps over the rope at a time and you’re switching mid air. Once you find your rhythm start moving your jump across the room.

  • Perform 30 seconds for beginner and 1 minute for advanced

Jump Rope Push up Walkovers

Lay the jump rope back out in a straight line. Assume push up position so that your body is on the right side of the rope, with your left hand only about an inch or so away from the rope. Perform a push up, option to drop the knees to get full range of motion. Then when you’re back at the top of the push up, walk your left hand over the rope and then your right hand. Perform another push up with your body now on the left side. Then walk your hands back over, right then left and perform another push up.

  • Perform this for 8-12 reps.

Jump Rope Tension Sit ups

Hold the jump rope like you had it for the shoulder mobility pass throughs. Assume a sit up position; feet flat on the floor, knees to the ceiling, back on the floor, engaging the core and hold the rope above your shoulders. Take an inhale and as your exhale roll your upper body off the floor and come to the top of the sit up. Then inhale as your roll back down and exhale as you roll back up.

  • Perform 8-10 for beginner and 15 for advanced.

Repeat this circuit 2x if you’re a beginner and 4x if your advanced.

— Samantha C., American University